Trax Magazine: Kr!z selects his favourite Steve Rachmad tracks

Kr!z selected his favourite tracks by Steve Rachmad aka Sterac aka Scorp for Trax Magazine.

“Hood v2. When you look at the M-Plant catalogue you see only Hood records. There is of course that one Patrick Pulsinger record & the Memory Foundation one and more recently a Broom 12”, but apart from that, 97% of the catalogue is Robert Hood himself. I thought it spoke volumes that Steve was one of the only artists that got the honour of doing a record on M-Plant, as to me Steve is the only one to this day (still) that can do what Hood does and take it even one step further. The record on M-Plant (Skreel-Ah) easily could have been in this list too, but when it comes to Hood-styled tracks, the Tresor release stands out more to me. Essential.”

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