Head to head: Recondite and Scuba talk physical training and music

Press Head to head: Recondite and Scuba talk physical training and music

For The Independent Recondite and Scuba interviewed each other. Naturally, they talked about music but also about the balance between being on tour and taking care of your health. And about their most loved and most hated physical exercises since Recondite once was a physiotherapist and Scuba was his client. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2014/12/07/head-to-head-recondite-and-scuba-talk-physical-training-and-music/…
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Soliloquy soon to be released!

Soliloquy soon to be released!

The “Soliloquy” compilation is about to be released. It contains tracks from RØDHÅD, Recondite, Distant Echoes, Alex.Do, Don Williams, Vril, Ron Albrecht, Gotzkowsky. As a little preview we are now streaming Distant Echoes’ track “Glitter In The Dark” on our website (see above) Starting Wednesday, 3rd of December,…
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Ø[Phase] made the new CLR podcast

Podcast Ø[Phase] made the new CLR podcast

It is Monday again.” And this time it means that you can listen and download a new mix from Ø [Phase] for the CLR podcast series. It includes some unreleased and edited material by the man himself. So check it here:   http://www.clr.net/news.pl?id=479&inline=1
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Top 10 Parties in Berlin

Press Top 10 Parties in Berlin

Unlike cities where reliable club nights are in short supply, Berlin has the opposite problem." DJ BROADCAST is right about that which makes us even more happy to be on the Dutch magazine's Top Ten Berlin parties.
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PREMIERE Recondite – Levo

Video PREMIERE Recondite – Levo

A wooden shed, a mummed man wandering on the foothills of the Alps – in the video for his track “Levo” Recondite takes us to Lower Bavaria, the place where he grew up and that the artist calls his main influence. The video premieres at Groove Magazine and Spex Magazine. “Levo” is the second track on Recondite’s new album “Iffy”…
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While we’re eagerly waiting for the release of “Soliloquy” you can already listen to Rødhåd’s track from the compilation. It’s called “Like Tears in the Rain” and is being streamed at Mixmag. Alongside the stream there is a short interview with Rødhåd about “his” 2014 so far and the upcoming…
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Dystopian Compilation coming in November

Press Dystopian Compilation coming in November

The word is out: At the end of November Dystopian celebrates it’s 10th release with a compilation featuring the label’s mainstays such as Rødhåd, Recondite and Alex.Do as well as some new names that have only recently joined the Dystopian camp like Distant Echoes and Vril. Also debuting on the compilation: Don Williams and Ron Albrecht who have…
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Rødhåd interview for Fabric

Press Rødhåd interview for Fabric

Before his gig at Fabric Rødhåd talked to the club about “The Things That Became” – how Dystopian came into live, how he got involved with Token and what playing in the UK feels like.   http://www.fabriclondon.com/blog/view/the-things-that-became-rodhad-interview
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Ron Albrecht’s Invite’s Choice

Podcast Ron Albrecht’s Invite’s Choice

It’s dark, it’s rough – it’s Ron Albrecht. The man from Schwerin did the latest podcast of the Invite’s Choice series and this time he shows his passion for grim and uncouth sounds. https://soundcloud.com/invite-1/invites-choice-podcast-207-ron-albrecht
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Distant Echoes Podcast for Gouru

Podcast Distant Echoes Podcast for Gouru

Before the release of his debut EP on Dystopian you can listen to Distant Echoes’ podcast for French Gouru magazine. The mix comes accompanied by a short interview, in French of course. http://www.gouru.fr/index.php/archives/41-articles/podcast/683-podcast-66-interview-distant-echoes
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