This sunday, 3.may 2015 we will bring our DYSTOPIAN sound to London. From 10pm-6am we will celebrate at an old part of a trainstation, dystopian warehouse style. The Steelyard Unit 13, Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL with: Rødhåd Alex.Do Vril LIVE Aidan Doherty Come join us! FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/434879733338439/ RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?694669…
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arte TRACKS: Recondite

Video arte TRACKS: Recondite

French/german television arte met Recondite for a talk in his former home Bavaria for an episode of their musicshow TRACKS. Broadcasted live on arte TV at 23:50 on 25.04.2015 (again 2:20, 02.05.2015), TRACKS features Cypress Hill, Tim und Barry, Recondite, Candy Ken, Pentatones. Also available as online livestream http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/live…
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Record Digging: Don Williams

Press Record Digging: Don Williams

Record digging? Don Williams clearly knows what he’s talking about! Together with Dublin based bodytonicmusic.com Don Williams digged around his record collection for gems and secret weapons and might also give you a hint where to dig best in Berlin.   http://bodytonicmusic.com/features-article/record-digging-don-williams/…
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Invite’s Choice Podcast 254 by Alex.Do

Podcast Invite’s Choice Podcast 254 by Alex.Do

Alex.Do in the mix for Utrecht’s Invite’s Choice Podcast #254. It’s a special one this time as he decided to do a 110 BPM downtempo mix, including a lot of personal favorites,he always wanted to present a wider public.  
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DISTANT ECHOES Soundwall Podcast

Podcast DISTANT ECHOES Soundwall Podcast

For Italian Soundwall Magazine’s latest podcast episode Distant Echoes did an exclusive mix containing some serious basement Techno. http://www.soundwall.it/soundwall-podcast-250-distant-echoes/
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Distant Echoes Interview with Ohm Mag

Press Distant Echoes Interview with Ohm Mag

Spanish and english version of Distant Echoes chat with Barcelonian Ohm Mag. Find out more about himself, track title inspirations and future plans.   http://www.ohm-mag.com/entrevistas/distant-echoes-dystopian-spanish/
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Recondite Interview at Euphoric Magazine

Press Recondite Interview at Euphoric Magazine

For India’s Euphoric Magazine, Akanksha Chauhan talked to Recondite about average days, field recordings and passion for music. Read the full interview here:   http://euphoricmag.com/news/recondite-filter-the-music-you-admire-down-to-the-very-last-concentrate/
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