Rødhåd – Remixed EP
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Dystopian 022

Rødhåd – Remixed EP

The Remixed EP features tracks from the Dystopian mastermind’s  EPs “Kinder Der Ringwelt” and “Söhne Der Erde” being reinterpreted by artists we deeply respect:  Ø [Phase], Porter Ricks, Silent Servant and Donato Dozzy. Each of them is a unique take on the dystopian vision Rødhåd had elaborated on the original releases.

Layout by Nina Langel.

Release: june 2017


A1: Im Glanz Des Mondes / Ø [Phase] Remix

A2: Vivarium / Porter Ricks Remix

B1: Lookitthat / Silent Servant Remix

B2: Kinder der Ringwelt / Donato Dozzy Remix