Distant Echoes – Where Is Hope EP
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Dystopian 016

Distant Echoes – Where Is Hope EP

Distant Echoes is back with his second EP for Dystopian – blending pounding precision with shady noisescapes and sublime melancholia.

Cover photo by Tiina Törmänen. (www.tiinatormanen.com)

Released: october 2015

Distant Echoes ist zurück. Auf seiner zweiten EP für Dystopian vermengen sich stampfende Präzision, dunkle Noise-Landschaften und erhabene Melancholie.

Coverphoto von Tiina Törmänen. (www.tiinatormanen.com)

A1 A Last Shimmer

A2 Love Is Such A Strong Word, Too

B1 False Prophet

B2  Desolated Society