Kr!z at KozzMozz: Beaming In The Dark
31 Mar, 2018

Kr!z at KozzMozz: Beaming In The Dark

, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, Ghent 9000

Ben Klock – 3 hour set (Klockworks, Ostgut Ton. DE)

Etapp Kyle (Ostgut Ton. DE)

Kr!z (Token rec, Kozzmozz. BE)

Spacid (Kozzmozz. Ghent)

Beyond the deep,
Where stars condense,
and collide.
Where galaxies spin,
and multiply.
Where the mind blooms,
and floats.
Join us in our dream, our trip to fantasy.

We invited some top-notch artists who promise to bring pounding techno treats to Vooruit in Ghent on March 31.


Wave 1: €15
Wave 2: €19
All FNAC Shops / All Brooklyn Shops / Vooruit
Online: www.kozzmozz.com/presale