Rødhåd – Söhne Der Erde EP
  • D017
  • D017-B
  • D017-AA

Rødhåd – Söhne Der Erde EP

With the “Söhne der Erde” EP Rødhåd carries forward what he had begun with “Kinder der Ringwelt”.
In 4 Tracks the red mastermind is exploring the paths outside the strict techno world – from the grooving doom in “Lookitthat” and “Maschinenvolk” to the menacing gestures in “Vivarium” to Sara Clarke’s engrossed vocals in “Verhängnisvolle Nebel”.

Artwork by Viktor Jakovleski.

Released december 2015.



A1 Lookitthat

A2 Maschinenvolk

B1 Vivarium

B2 Verhängnisvolle Nebel