Recondite Live AV Show at Elevator
18 May, 2018

Recondite Live AV Show at Elevator

, 218 Xinle Lu, 4F, Near Donghu Lu

Recondite, MIIIA, nmlss

“My motivation to make music is definitely internal. It’s a way of self expression – It’s a way of relief or a release for me.”
Join us for an intimate exclusive Shanghai appearance of Recondite. We will travel back to the airy darkness and feelings that only his live audiovisual show can bring to life.
Recondite, may very well be techno’s most intriguing antihero. He’s self-spoken, contemplative and lacks any of the sort of bravado commonly found in his globe-trotting peers. What’s more, he champions a largely laid-back sound – a far cry from the high-energy compositions currently dominating the landscape of the underground. It’s this kind of idiosyncratic artistic vision, however, that has attracted the attention of many of the scene’s foremost tastemakers, like Innervisions, Hotflush and Ghostly International.
Recondite grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, where he spent much of his time alone in nature exploring the wilderness around him. “The way I grew up, there was a lot of room for evolving a certain sensitivity.” It’s this very background that makes his sound so distinct. This isn’t the cold, industrial techno of Berlin, but rather something far more organic and emotionally complex. It’s nostalgic and sullen, yet still stubbornly minimal.
In 2008 he moved to Berlin to build up Plangent Records, where the artist rapidly established his name. Plangent #001 was well-received, and with three strong EPs releases in 2011, he grabbed the attention of Scuba and quickly put out two Recondite remixes on Hotflush. In 2012, he singed his debut album On Acid to boutique L.A. imprint Acid Test before following up in 2013 with his sophomore album Hinterland on Ghostly International. This was followed by his tremendous Caldera EP on Hotflush in 2014, which topped Beatport’s techno chart and cemented Recondite’s name as one of the most exciting producers of the moment. Two albums and countless EPs later, Recondite has amassed a potent discography that continues to evolve with each release.
All the while, Recondite has been diligently perfecting his live show: a concise showcase in which he performs all original material via Ableton Live. It’s a show that has consistently enamored fans across the globe, even earning Recondite the title of Top Live Act in Resident Advisor’s 2014 annual poll, and securing him the No. 2 spot on the poll in subsequent years.
Daemmerlicht (fading light) is Recondite’s fifth album released in February on Plangent Records and his new immersive live AV show which guides listeners through his suggestive interpretations of ambient, electronica, classical music and hip hop oriented soundscapes.