Nuits Sonores – Night 2 w/ Alex.Do, Monoloc, Sven Weisemann
10 May, 2018

Nuits Sonores – Night 2 w/ Alex.Do, Monoloc, Sven Weisemann

Le Petit Salon
, Rue de Cronstadt, 69007 Lyon

Salle 1
Sven Weisemann

Salle 2


In keeping with its era, the line-up for the 16th edition of Nuits Sonores does not bear pigeonholing, choosing instead to break down genre barriers and feed our insatiable curiosity. As uninhibited and liberated as ever, our festival continues through its adolescent years in search of identity: questioning history, challenging its peers and tirelessly exploring new geographical and cultural frontiers.

In 2018, most of the audiences and artists at our festival were never witnesses of the advent of club culture. Rather, they are the heirs to it. Whereas the founding pioneers had a thirst for revolution and looked only forwards, without so much as a thought for what may have come before, this new electro- nic generation openly acknowledges the past. The need to gaze backwards, in order to move forwards with renewed purpose.

This reappraisal of long-forgotten recipes, which could so easily turn out bland and stale, is instead revealing fresh new avours. The cobwebs are being blown off abandoned musical genres and aes- thetics, and new life – totally unexpected but entirely necessary – is being breathed into dance music. From Antal and Hunee leading the revival of South African house, to the unorthodox EBM rhythms
of Not Waving, the psychedelic rock of Raime and the pop sensibilities of Rone and Agents of Time, today’s electronic music scene may seem somewhat outdated. But don’t let appearances deceive you, for it is more creative than ever.

Added to that is the effervescence of contemporary music in the southern hemisphere, which is once more richly honoured on the Nuits Sonores line-up in 2018. For some years now, the globalisation of exchanges, facilitated by the World Wide Web and access to low-cost technologies, has threatened
to drive one vast process of cultural homogenisation. Yet the global musical revolution that is taking place under our very noses serves as comforting proof that, if anything, increased interaction between North and South is fuelling creativity, resulting in a diversi cation of techniques and approaches, and an enrichment of artistic output.
And so DJ Lag’s gqom, a sombre and percussive house genre originating from South Africa, will rub shoulders with the Congolese punk of Tshegue. A live digital-cumbia set by Chancha Via Circuito will share the same stage as the Afro-disco 2.0 of Voilààà Soundsystem. And Young Wolf, the side-project of producers Young Marco and Wolf Muller, will explore the parallels between the past rituals of organic trance music and today’s club culture, through a hypnotic techno laced with ethnic grooves.

Lastly, this year’s festival has also reserved a special place for the new voices of hip-hop, and to the producers behind the reinvention of this major contemporary culture. Having surprised audiences in 2017 with a strong presence from the English grime scene, this year we are embracing the hedonistic values of a new generation of rappers. Among other hip-hop highlights, High & Fines Herbes – the spe- cial project fronted by Caballero, JeanJass and their Belgian accolytes – will invade the Nuits Sonores stage for an exclusive show in France, while we’ll hear Action Bronson scream „F***, that‘s delicious“ for the first time in Lyon.

If we had to nd a common denominator to all the thoughts and ideas that we weaved together to pro- duce this line-up for 2018, it would surely be the search for individuality and original experiences.