5 Years Traffic Records w/ Oskar Offermann
16 Mar, 2018

5 Years Traffic Records w/ Oskar Offermann

, Hanauerlandstraße 121

We celebrate a half of a decade, Traffic got bit gray melled, but still sounding fresh.
We go OFF the strip and celebrate in an old fancy mercedes house.
Our Ingeneurs worked out a highly efficient Line Up to guarantee the infamous “full pleasure experience”.
With Onur Özer as the main time specialist, we couldn’t choose better.
Ossi Offi is back from asia and ready to stoffi.
Sourounded by our favorite Grappen Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg.
With their Live Act on christmas, they showed us the real deal.
This leads us to your favourite Hommer, Markus Sommer, he already got the 16th fix in his pager.
Last but not least the core with Bodin&Jacob, Martyné and longhairdontcare Julian Chenaux.

So end your detox and terminate your NY resolution, Traffic needs you here…

Lineup :

Onur Özer (Treatment )

Oskar Offermann Official

Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg ( HardWorkSoftDrink)

Markus Sommer (Pager Records)

Martyné (Traffic Records)

Bodin&Jacob (Traffic Records)

Julian Chenaux (Traffic Records)