Amsterdam Dance Event report at AT5

Video Amsterdam Dance Event report at AT5

See Amsterdam’s TV station AT5 report from the Giegling x Dystopian event on thursday 15. october 2015 during Amsterdam Dance Event. Featuring our lovely hosts from the LET crew Kolja Verhage & bird with a broken wing JP Enfant, Don Williams & Edward on the decks and Rødhåds thoughts on ADE.…
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Rødhåd and Edward at Dimensions Festival 2015

Video Rødhåd and Edward at Dimensions Festival 2015

In the latest episode of the “INSIDE” video series Resident Advisor presents a nice review of this year’s Dimensions festival in Croatia featuring performances by Dystopian’s Rødhåd and Giegling’s Edward. Check the video here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?2556 You can also see longer versions…
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arte TRACKS: Recondite

Video arte TRACKS: Recondite

French/german television arte met Recondite for a talk in his former home Bavaria for an episode of their musicshow TRACKS. Broadcasted live on arte TV at 23:50 on 25.04.2015 (again 2:20, 02.05.2015), TRACKS features Cypress Hill, Tim und Barry, Recondite, Candy Ken, Pentatones. Also available as online livestream http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/live…
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PREMIERE Recondite – Levo

Video PREMIERE Recondite – Levo

A wooden shed, a mummed man wandering on the foothills of the Alps – in the video for his track “Levo” Recondite takes us to Lower Bavaria, the place where he grew up and that the artist calls his main influence. The video premieres at Groove Magazine and Spex Magazine. “Levo” is the second track on Recondite’s new album “Iffy”…
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Boiler Room X Dystopian

Video Boiler Room X Dystopian

It was an intense night with Rødhåd, Don Williams, Ø [Phase], Alex.Do and Vril playing at Boiler Room Berlin. Now all the sets have been uploaded – to watch again, to listen again, to experience again. And remember: DYSTOPIAN IS WATCHING YOU http://boilerroom.tv/recording/don-williams/ http://boilerroom.tv/recording/o-phase/ http://boilerroom.tv/recording/vril/…
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Rødhåd Interview for Urban Stories

Video Rødhåd Interview for Urban Stories

When Rødhåd played at Vitamin Cubes club in Tbilisi in July he talked to Georgian TV show “Urban Stories” about his own background, how Dystopian came into life and the idea behind it. The video also contains scenes from his performance at Vitamin Cubes.
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Um die neue Webseite gebührend zu feiern, hier ein Video um dystopische Stimmung zu verbreiten… / To celebrate the release of the website, please watch our dystopian atmosphere video...
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