Rødhåd interview at soundwall.it

Press Rødhåd interview at soundwall.it

For italian Soundwall Mag Rødhåd had a talk with Alessandro Esposto about melancholy and happiness, upcoming remixes und new Dystopian stuff. Read the full interview in italian or english here: http://www.soundwall.it/rodhad-malinconia-e-felicita/
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Vril interview at sweetlife.fr

Press Vril interview at sweetlife.fr

Vril answered some questions for french SweetLife Magazine.A mysterious talk about the future of techno, inspiration and hiding behind masks. Check the link below for French and English versions http://www.sweetlife.fr/2016/04/21/vril-linterview/
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Mørbeck: 10 secret weapons

Press Mørbeck: 10 secret weapons

Before visiting LC Klub in Nantes at friday 22 april 2016 for a Dystopian Night alongside Don Williams and Vril, Mørbeck reveals 10 secret weapons to french sounddigger.com. You can hear the 10 records here: http://soundigger.com/playlists/10-secret-weapons-%E2%80%A2-morbeck-code-is-law/
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Mørbeck interview at Gouru

Press Mørbeck interview at Gouru

Benjamin Alliguié interviewed Mørbeck for french Gouro magazine due to his Paris gig at Gibus Club on march 26. Read the french talk about running a label, studio setups and Mørbecks production process at: http://gouru.fr/fr/interview-morbeck/
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Vril Interview for Thump Colombia

Press Vril Interview for Thump Colombia

“Behind the mystery of Vril” – for Thump Colombia the German producer spoke about his connection to Giegling, releasing on different labels and the experience of playing in Colombia for the first time.   https://thump.vice.com/es_co/article/detrs-del-misterio-de-vril?utm_source=thumpfbco…
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