RNDM – dNp distribution vinyl mix 2016

Podcast RNDM – dNp distribution vinyl mix 2016

RNDM visited dnp distribution’s warehouse to choose some gems for this vinyl only mix. tracklist: 1. Office Recordings – Trux – Trux – Office 07, B2: End1 2. Platte International – Rydim – Tropic – Platte010, B2: Tropic (Christopher Rau Version) 3. Closer – Acasual – Spring Theory Reworks –…
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Groove Podcast 60 – Mørbeck

Podcast Groove Podcast 60 – Mørbeck

The new Groove Podcast 60 by Mørbeck commutes easily between past and future sounds. Read an interiew about Mørbecks past, present an future at Groove Mags homepage: http://groove.de/2016/06/10/morbeck-groove-podcast-60-code-is-law/ tracklist Groove Podcast 60 – Mørbeck 01. Hildegard Knef – Wieviel Menschen waren glücklich, daß…
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The 20th edition of the Ilian Tape podcast comes from Felix K. It’s a Drum ‘n’ Bass mix he recorded just after the millenium and it’s now shared for the first time. As the Zenker Brothers put it: “Wicked bias vibes!“ http://www.iliantape.de/ilian-tape-podcast-series-020/
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Resident Advisor Podcast Oskar Offermann

Podcast Resident Advisor Podcast Oskar Offermann

For Resident Advisor Podcast No. 516 Oskar Offermann put together a mix that starts “with an acoustic guitar on [the] couch, then moving it to a very small club like Club Der Visionäre, to a medium-sized club like Robert Johnson, then a bigger place like Panorama Bar, and ending up at a festival at night …“   https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=516…
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On the 5th Day Podcast #007 – Distant Echoes

Podcast On the 5th Day Podcast #007 – Distant Echoes

The 7th episode of the On the 5th Day Podcast series comes from Dystopian’s Distant Echoes. Enjoy an hour of techno filled with melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves, preparing you for an On the 5th Day event in London this june with Distant Echoes, Edit Select and Abdulla Rashim.   https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?817397…
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Mørbeck – Sleaze Podcast 065

Podcast Mørbeck – Sleaze Podcast 065

The new Sleaze Podcast from Mørbeck contains tracks from Physical Therapy, Sawf, Clouds, Dax J, Boner M, The Exaltics, DJ T-1000 a.k.a. Alan Oldham, JoeFarr, Thomas P. Heckmann, DJ ROK, Specta’s upcoming release on Mørbecks Code Is Law imprint and many more.   Download/listen to the Podcast on Soundcloud: Sleazepodcast – Morbeck-sleaze-podcast-065…
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